How should I add an email account to my Windows phone – Lumia

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Setting up email accounts to our smartphone is the first thing we all need to run so that we would be able to access the marketplace products. MARKETPLACE is a place or store where we get all the crazy apps-games for our windows phone. So without wasting your crucial time coming directly to the main point, setting up an email account.

You can add as many as email account you want but you can set only microsoft account as your primary account which allows you to access apps, Get Xbox score, play Xbox music or anything which require a microsoft account from marketplace. If you don’t have any microsoft email account yet I strongly recommend you to Signup for the account first. Here is a Link– >  Microsoft Signup Link

After you signed up for the microsoft account ( Hotmail, Outlook etc …) now it’s time to add that email account to your windows phone ( Microsoft Lumia , Nokia Lumia , Htc any other ).

Follow these steps :

1.   Open the window next to the main tiles window where you have got all your apps.


Scroll down or search for SETTINGS  Settings Icon windows phone - Lumia

2. Search for Email + Accounts. Tap here.

3.  Tap Add an account > Microsoft account > Sign In

4. Enter your Microsoft account email address and password

5. You may be asked to verify your identity, follow the instruction and get a code.

6. You also have the option to upload your Photos, Text, phone settings to the cloud. Tap yes if you wish to.

Similiarly you can add your other email accounts like Hotmail, Outlook , yahoo , google and so on.

Finally you got Tiles of your email accounts on your main window screen, you can Unpin them if you don’t want them to be displayed on your main screen.

To unpin, Tap and Hold down the Tile and press the pin/unpin mark on the top right corner of the Tile.

To delete an email account :

All you need to do is tap Settings , tap Email+Accounts , tap and hold the account you want to delete, press Delete than tap Delete again.

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