How to connect my windows phone to WIFi – Enabling Wifi , Mobile Data connection & Internet tethering- Part 1

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In the previous post I posted about How should I add an email account to my Windows phone – Lumia . In today’s post I am going to tell you about the Data Connection , Wifi enabling and Internet tethering. In the past readers ask me to post about Data connection in windows phone so here is a step by step method to enable all these features in your windows phone ( Nokia Lumia , Microsoft Lumia or any other ).

Step for Windows Phone 8 :

1. Go to the top of the main screen, swipe it down and you would find a Action Centre of your windows phone.

Data Connection Action Centre

Data Connection Action Centre

2.  On the action centre you would easily find shortcut for WIFI , Bluetooth , Flight mode, tap them to enable/disable.


NOTE : In case you don’t find them you have to add them manually. This is the quick method to access these features.

Wifi Setting : Go to settings , In case you are very new to windows phone check my previous post and  find the SETTINGS, Scroll up/down and search WIFI , click it > tap on the network you want to connect to. In case you won’t find any network then tap Map nearby Wifi . Now you would find wifi nearby.
make sure you have turned on the Wifi network :  Windows_Phone_OnOff    Slide this symbol on your phone to on/off wifi network.
Don’t worry if you are unable to connect to wifi network, this might be because of the security key on that particular wifi network. If you have got the security key then Tap on the wifi network now insert the password key and finally at the bottom click the right tick. you are now connected to the wifi.

If you are facing any problem regarding wifi connectivity please do comment.

Will be posting soon about the other connectivity options.


2 thoughts on “How to connect my windows phone to WIFi – Enabling Wifi , Mobile Data connection & Internet tethering- Part 1

  1. Sir there is a problem regarding the nearby Wi-Fi sensing. It is sometimes difficult for my phone to sense the nearby Wi-Fi network, whereas at the same time and same place my friends mobile is easily able to sense those signals. Please give me some idea, what should I do.


  2. Let me clear the things first. Are they using the same windows phone or any other brand ? If your friends are using the same model which you are using then it might be some internal problem with your phone. If it’s still in warranty I would suggest you to take it to the Phone Care center.
    I don’t think there is any issue on windows phone regarding wifi connectivity.


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