Connect/Sync old windows phone 7 to your PC/Laptop – Using Zune software

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Are you guys having Old windows phone i.e windows phone 7 ? Nokia lumia 710, Nokia Lumia 610 or any other old windows phone running on OS 7.5 or 7.8 . ? I know no one would like to buy old windows phone but in case you have exchanged your smartphone with old windows phone or having used windows phone then this post would be helpful to you.

You might be wondering how to connect these WP’s to your PC/laptop, right? you must have tried many times connecting your phone to your PC but all you found is NOTHING. Still looking for a solution so that you can synchronize your phone to your pc ? So here I am to resolve your issue – all you need is ZUNE

What Exactly ZUNE is : Zune is a software that connects your media ( Images, Audio , Video ) to your PC. Windows phone 7 can be synchronized to your PC with the help of this software. It also help you to update your phone and get applications.

Simple steps to follow :

1.   Download Zune Software on your PC. Here is a download link : Zune Software Download 

2.  Install the software you just downloaded on your PC.

3. Now it will ask you to set up Microsoft account. ( In case you are new to Windows Phone I would strongly recommend you to check my previous post, Why you need Microsoft Account – Signup  )

4. After you are done setting your account – fill the details , Your phone Name , check the box if you need update or not , your favourite artists.

5. Connect your phone to your PC, Zune will automatically start synchronizing your media to your pc, If it won’t , click the Zune icon from your desktop.

Here are few Images showing COLLECTION of your media which are already on your PC :

Quickplay or Home screen :

Zune Quickplay

Zune Quickplay

Your Music : 


Your video files are here :

Zune-Software / Video files

Zune-Software / Video files

Your  Pictures :

Zune - Picture Collection

Zune – Picture Collection

When your phone is connected to your PC Zune will show another tab “PHONE” , here is an Image :

Zune- Phone connected

Zune- Phone connected

On the top you would see “Settings”  where you can set your drive/folders you need to sync with your phone.

In the comment section below do ask me any query related to your windows phone.


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