Top features of Windows Phone 7 , Windows phone 8 & Windows Phone 8.1

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In this post I am going to tell you about the the top features in Windows Phone ( all OS version ). Here I assume that all the readers here are new to windows phone. So I am going to explain everything step by step. let’s get started.

Live Tiles : There are Live tiles on start screen or  main screen. You can Pin any Apps to your start screen. These tiles are called Live Tiles because you get real time updates from your friends , facebook , breaking news, tweets and many more.

Live Tiles

Live Tiles

Camera Features : There are inbuilt camera features on windows phones. You would capture Images/videos and then edit or share them instantly. There are some nice features like burst mode – allows you to capture multiple photos with just one click and you get that perfect action shot. , lens apps – Allows you to add great filters with special effects.



PEOPLE :  This feature lets you stay connected to the people on your contact list or to the people you care about most. You can create ROOMS, PEOPLE HUB , GROUP. You can invite people in a room and then easily share photos , video , messages , calendars, notes with each other. In a People Hub all our contacts are linked together – you are able to call , text and more from one place which is convenient for all the users.

People - Windows Phone

People – Windows Phone

Xbox : If you had never experienced Xbox then today I will make it clear to you about this term, though I am quite sure that you must have heard this term “XBOX” before. Xbox is a video gaming brand which is created by microsoft and represents a series of video game consoles.

In windows phone Xbox lets you connect and play with other Xbox players. You must have Xbox avatar and gamers profile. This profile which you created here on Xbox allows you to keep tracks of scores. From the windows store you can find games you love to play. Windows phones are the only phones which has built in Xbox.



Office hub : One of my favourite feature in windows phone – Inbuilt Office hub. As we all know MS Office is widely used office suite of desktop applications , servers and services. Almost The same features of MS Office you get with these Windows Phones. Again it’s a Inbuilt feature and of course free too. Now create , edit , share your word , excel and powerpoint documents. If you want , you can send them to the cloud i.e OneDrive. You also get a facility to make Notes which can be saved.

Office Hub

Office Hub

OneDrive : No need to worry if your internal memory doesn’t have sufficient space to store your media. You have got OneDrive where you can upload your media. This gives you the free storage in the cloud. Microsoft – “so your photos, home videos and Office documents go wherever you go”. 

Skype : Another widely used software for making free calls is what you get with your windows phone. No need to explain much about Skype, it’s all understood.

Internet Explorer : A free browser to surf online , it gives you a feature to open multiple tab , surf privately and pin favourite website to your main screen. I personally don’t use IE much on my laptop but in phone it’s very smooth and fast. Try it and tell me about your opinion.

Everyday  Microsoft comes with new features so keep visiting this page to get more new updates on Windows Phone Features.

Will cover more in my next post.


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