What really is “CORTANA” ? | Windows Phone 8.1

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If you have used or using IPhone or any Android Phone you might be familiar with “SIRI” and “Google Now” . The same feature when added to any Windows Phone is called as “CORTANA”

They all are intelligent digital personal assistant for your phone. Today I am going to tell you what exactly is cortana and how to use this feature in your windows phone.

Cortana is like a personal assistant for you but it’s not any human rather it’s a digital. She helps you to keep you up to date and make your things easier. You can ask her any query and she is able to answer your queries. This is only available on Windows Phone 8.1 and in some countries. If it is available in your country you can set the search button to open the Cortana App.

List of Countries where Cortana is available :

  • Australia
  • India
  • United States
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • China

How to Open Cortana :

  • Go to App List ( by sliding your main windows to the left )
  • Find settings , tap on it
  • Swipe over to Applications
  • Did you find cortana. ? hmmmmmm…. tap on it then turn Cortana on   Windows_Phone_OnOff

The microsoft now using all your info – Location , Email , Voice , Contacts , Text Messages and all other info. To set it up for the first time you can tap the Cortana tile or simply press the “search”  button. She will ask you few questions – answer them as it help her to understand what really matters to you and what information she should bring to you. She will call you by your name so please tell her your name or the name what you like her to call you.

To change your name :

  • Go to cortana
  • cortana’s notebook
  • settings
  • tap on Change my name , you are done

If you wanna play with cortana you can start playing with her. I asked her few questions and got some amazing answers back from cortana. I asked her  “Who is Your Father ? ” She replied – “Bill Gates”.

I said “I love you” and I was shocked with the reply she gave me – “Aw, I’ll bet you say that to all the phones. ”  Isn’t she cool ?  🙂 I asked her “Are you Female.? ”  She replied – I am female , But I am not a woman. Ask her about Bill Gates and you would get awesome response.



I love talking to her , I like her response and also the way she deliver the answer. In my opinion , Yes cortana is much better than Google Now in Android phones and even better than SIRI ( Iphone ) in some aspects. 

Are you using cortana in your windows phone. ? If yes please do share your experience.

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