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Windows Phone Wiki ( a complete walkthrough ):  This blog is helping thousands of Windows Phone users around the world. They are looking for their queries , finding answers , knowing “How-to” , new features, FAQ and many more. Whether you are new to windows phone or already having one or even if you are curious to know about the windows phone, do visit my blog.

I am already getting much appreciation from my readers and getting many visitors daily. People are following this blog on Facebook , Twitter , email subscription , RSS and in many other ways, so if this is your first time here on this blog I would request you to join thousands of other followers.

Thanks a lot for your Love and Support.

Man Behind :









Nickk Bisht is the Founder of “WindowsPhoneWiki” and “INDIAN MIC”. He is also a Youtube partner. His channels are ‘POMNICK’ and ‘NickkBisht’. He is a geek who love to work with the latest technology.

He love to play with his DSLR and captures everything that makes him feel happy. Nickk Bisht is a Software Developer by profession and a passionate Blogger/Vlogger.


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