Candy Crush Saga – Subway Surfers – AE 3D Moto and many more | must have games for windows phone

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If you are a game lover and if you love to play them in your smartphone then this article is for you. Now a days you would find many games on Windows Phone Store. Gone are the days when you had few games to play on your windows phones. Developers are working hard to provide best games to their users. Xbox is full of games, you would find millions of new games.

Free WP Games

Free WP Games

The list of Games that every windows phone user must have on their phone :

1. Candy Crush Saga :   You all are well aware of this term or game , if you have never

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Transfer contacts from old phone to Lumia phone – Apps Windows Phone

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You have used Android , IOS, Symbian , Blackberry or any other phones in the past. you always wanted to have one windows phone so now you want to give it a try. Decided to buy one for you.You are playing around the stuffs with your newly bought windows phone. You are very happy with the phone, stylish look , live tiles , Office hub and many more good features. Wanna share your happiness with your dear ones but didn’t find any contacts on the contact list. Wondering how should I get my contacts from my old phone? Don’t worry I am here to help you, all you need is just follow the steps below.

Do you have Bluetooth in your phone ? If your answer is yes then you are half done. 🙂 You can use Transfer my Data ( in new windows phone) or  Contacts Transfer ( in old windows phone )  app on your Windows Phone. This app allows you to transfer your contacts from old phone to new windows phone. It can copy contacts from almost any phone maker.

Please go to this link if you don’t have this app in your windows phone :

New Windows Phone users go to this link :  Transfer my data App


If you have an older Windows Phone go to this link :    Contacts Transfer App

If your phone supports then you are able to transfer your messages and photos too.

Note : In windows Phone 7 you can only transfer 500 messages.

Find the pictures below :

Contacts Transfer ( Old Windows Phone ) :

Contacts Transfer

Contacts Transfer app


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Apps for your Windows Phone – Nokia Lumia , Microsoft Lumia – Windows Phone 8

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Still there are people who stay away from windows phone because they have heard or experienced that windows phone has less to offer when it comes to Apps. Let me make clear to you, gone are the days we used to search the whole marketplace and the message on our phone screen says “No Apps found” .

Lumia Collection

Lumia Collection

Believe me, windows store has wide range of Apps and Games for you now. You would be able to find and install every needed apps for your windows phone. Also there are many new and exciting apps coming with new windows phone.  Nokia Lumia 730 , Microsoft Lumia 535 , Nokia Lumia 638 are all under budget but full of Apps – Give them a try. Check out my previous post for Microsoft Lumia 535, this phone has got all the Apps you needed, few built-In Apps are awesome and flawless.   “Apps for every OccasionContinue reading