What really is “CORTANA” ? | Windows Phone 8.1

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If you have used or using IPhone or any Android Phone you might be familiar with “SIRI” and “Google Now” . The same feature when added to any Windows Phone is called as “CORTANA”

They all are intelligent digital personal assistant for your phone. Today I am going to tell you what exactly is cortana and how to use this feature in your windows phone.

Cortana is like a personal assistant for you but it’s not any human rather it’s a digital. She helps you to keep you up to date and make your things easier. You can ask her any query and she is able to answer your queries. This is only available on Windows Phone 8.1 and in some countries. If it is available in your country you can set the search button to open the Cortana App.

List of Countries where Cortana is available :

  • Australia
  • India
  • United States
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • China

How to Open Cortana :

  • Go to App List ( by sliding your main windows to the left )
  • Find settings , tap on it
  • Swipe over to Applications
  • Did you find cortana. ? hmmmmmm…. tap on it then turn Cortana on   Windows_Phone_OnOff

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Windows Phone keyboard ‘cursor/caret’ – Word Flow | Have a look

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I am typing my message on messaging , all set ! ready to send the message. going to hit enter – Oh just wait a minute, forgot to add something in between of my text. How to do that.? Any idea? This is what I am going to tell in this post.

We have already covered many new and exciting features of windows phone in my previous post. In case you are curious to know do visit the post here : Windows Phone Features

We can accomplish this task using keyboard CARET or CURSOR. 

Follow these simple & short steps :

To delete some portion of your message :

  • If you want to remove a character , string or a word, just Tap on it and type your desired text or if you simply want to delete – tap the cross marked  key on your phone’s virtual keyboard and you are done.


For Typo follow the step below :

  • Let’s say you have typed “Windws” and you want to correct it by entering “O”, put your finger in  between “d” and “s” , Hold-n-press, you would get the caret, now you can type “o”. What if you placed caret/cursor between “w” and “i” ? No need to worry , drag your finger and leave the caret when it comes in between “d” and “s”  now you can type “o”, as simple as that right.?

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Top features of Windows Phone 7 , Windows phone 8 & Windows Phone 8.1

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In this post I am going to tell you about the the top features in Windows Phone ( all OS version ). Here I assume that all the readers here are new to windows phone. So I am going to explain everything step by step. let’s get started.

Live Tiles : There are Live tiles on start screen or  main screen. You can Pin any Apps to your start screen. These tiles are called Live Tiles because you get real time updates from your friends , facebook , breaking news, tweets and many more.

Live Tiles

Live Tiles

Camera Features : There are inbuilt camera features on windows phones. You would capture Images/videos and then edit or share them instantly. There are some nice features like burst mode – allows you to capture multiple photos with just one click and you get that perfect action shot. , lens apps – Allows you to add great filters with special effects.



PEOPLE :  This feature lets you stay connected to the people on your contact list or to the people you care about most. You can create ROOMS, PEOPLE HUB , GROUP. You can invite people in a room and then easily share photos , video , messages , calendars, notes with each other. In a People Hub all our contacts are linked together – you are able to call , text and more from one place which is convenient for all the users. Continue reading