Silence your ringer – one tap , Windows phone 8.1 | How – to

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You are very tired , want some sleep – for another 1 hour from now you don’t need any calls but don’t wanna switch off the phone. You have got an option to change your ringer from ‘RING’ or ‘VIBRATE’ to ‘SILENCE’ . To change ringer you have to go to Settings then Ringtones+Sounds , tap Silence – still a long process to do, right? Gone are the days when you had to dive into your settings to perform this task.

In windows phone 8.1 we just need one tap to silence the ringer. Follow these steps below :

  • Press volume up or down key of your phone, you will get a window from the top of the screen – This is the Volume window in windows phone 8.1
  • Do select the small arrow on the top right to open up the more advanced option.
  • Do you find small bell icon on the left ? tap it and you are done. You have successfully muted your ringer.
  • Similarly tap the icon on the left to mute media+apps if you wish to. Isn’t it cool!
  • Same can be done to eliminate the Vibration by selecting “Vibrate on”

Find below pictures :

Ringer Silence

Ringer Silence

Ringer Image

Ringer Image

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Move all your Apps/games to your SD card – Windows Phone 8.1 | How-to

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Are you running out of storage space on your windows phone.? No need to worry , now you are able to move all your selected apps or games to your memory card. In this post I am going to tell you how to do that. This feature is only for windows phone 8.1 ( Nokia Lumia , Microsoft lumia , HTC or any other brand ), kindly update your phone if you are still using windows phone 8.

You can set it up so that in future your downloaded apps and games can be directly stored in SD card.

The steps you are going to follow are :

  • Slide your start screen to open application list.
  • Scroll & find Storage Sense
  • Now tap Phone and select a category ( music , videos , photos , apps + games )
  • Select the App you want to move to SD
  • Tap ‘move to SD’
  • You are done , app you selected has been successfully moved to your SD card.

Find Pictures below :

Storage Sense

Storage Sense

Storage Sense - Phone

Storage Sense – Phone



Note :  To send multiple apps to your SD card just click go to apps+games and tap Select Continue reading

Connect/Sync old windows phone 7 to your PC/Laptop – Using Zune software

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Are you guys having Old windows phone i.e windows phone 7 ? Nokia lumia 710, Nokia Lumia 610 or any other old windows phone running on OS 7.5 or 7.8 . ? I know no one would like to buy old windows phone but in case you have exchanged your smartphone with old windows phone or having used windows phone then this post would be helpful to you.

You might be wondering how to connect these WP’s to your PC/laptop, right? you must have tried many times connecting your phone to your PC but all you found is NOTHING. Still looking for a solution so that you can synchronize your phone to your pc ? So here I am to resolve your issue – all you need is ZUNE

What Exactly ZUNE is : Zune is a software that connects your media ( Images, Audio , Video ) to your PC. Windows phone 7 can be synchronized to your PC with the help of this software. It also help you to update your phone and get applications.

Simple steps to follow :

1.   Download Zune Software on your PC. Here is a download link : Zune Software Download 

2.  Install the software you just downloaded on your PC.

3. Now it will ask you to set up Microsoft account. ( In case you are new to Windows Phone I would strongly recommend you to check my previous post, Why you need Microsoft Account – Signup  )

4. After you are done setting your account – fill the details , Your phone Name , check the box if you need update or not , your favourite artists. Continue reading

How to connect my windows phone to WIFi – Enabling Wifi , Mobile Data connection & Internet tethering- Part 1

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In the previous post I posted about How should I add an email account to my Windows phone – Lumia . In today’s post I am going to tell you about the Data Connection , Wifi enabling and Internet tethering. In the past readers ask me to post about Data connection in windows phone so here is a step by step method to enable all these features in your windows phone ( Nokia Lumia , Microsoft Lumia or any other ).

Step for Windows Phone 8 :

1. Go to the top of the main screen, swipe it down and you would find a Action Centre of your windows phone.

Data Connection Action Centre

Data Connection Action Centre

2.  On the action centre you would easily find shortcut for WIFI , Bluetooth , Flight mode, tap them to enable/disable. Continue reading

How should I add an email account to my Windows phone – Lumia

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Setting up email accounts to our smartphone is the first thing we all need to run so that we would be able to access the marketplace products. MARKETPLACE is a place or store where we get all the crazy apps-games for our windows phone. So without wasting your crucial time coming directly to the main point, setting up an email account.

You can add as many as email account you want but you can set only microsoft account as your primary account which allows you to access apps, Get Xbox score, play Xbox music or anything which require a microsoft account from marketplace. If you don’t have any microsoft email account yet I strongly recommend you to Signup for the account first. Here is a Link– >  Microsoft Signup Link

After you signed up for the microsoft account ( Hotmail, Outlook etc …) now it’s time to add that email account to your windows phone ( Microsoft Lumia , Nokia Lumia , Htc any other ).

Follow these steps :

1.   Open the window next to the main tiles window where you have got all your apps.


Scroll down or search for SETTINGS  Settings Icon windows phone - Lumia

2. Search for Email + Accounts. Tap here.

3.  Tap Add an account > Microsoft account > Sign In Continue reading