Transfer contacts from old phone to Lumia phone – Apps Windows Phone

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You have used Android , IOS, Symbian , Blackberry or any other phones in the past. you always wanted to have one windows phone so now you want to give it a try. Decided to buy one for you.You are playing around the stuffs with your newly bought windows phone. You are very happy with the phone, stylish look , live tiles , Office hub and many more good features. Wanna share your happiness with your dear ones but didn’t find any contacts on the contact list. Wondering how should I get my contacts from my old phone? Don’t worry I am here to help you, all you need is just follow the steps below.

Do you have Bluetooth in your phone ? If your answer is yes then you are half done. 🙂 You can use Transfer my Data ( in new windows phone) or  Contacts Transfer ( in old windows phone )  app on your Windows Phone. This app allows you to transfer your contacts from old phone to new windows phone. It can copy contacts from almost any phone maker.

Please go to this link if you don’t have this app in your windows phone :

New Windows Phone users go to this link :  Transfer my data App


If you have an older Windows Phone go to this link :    Contacts Transfer App

If your phone supports then you are able to transfer your messages and photos too.

Note : In windows Phone 7 you can only transfer 500 messages.

Find the pictures below :

Contacts Transfer ( Old Windows Phone ) :

Contacts Transfer

Contacts Transfer app


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Nokia Lumia 730 is all what you need – A mid range Dual sim Phone | full specification

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Nokia Lumia 730 is successor to it’s one of the best windows phone Lumia 720. Awesome , mid range , beautifully designed with best features. Priced at US $309.00 ( may vary ) and at Rs.14,999 in India.  If you are windows phone lover or even thinking of buying one then just go for this Phone which is a value for your money.

Today I am going to give you full specification of Lumia 730. If you are looking for low budget ( US $169 or Rs. 9,089 ) , stylish , and smooth then check out this post for Microsoft Lumia 535 and this post for Nokia Lumia 638 .

Key Features :

  • 5MP Selfie Camera
  • 6.7 Primary Camera LED flash
  • Windows 8.1
  • 8GB Internal Memory
  • 1GB Ram
  • 3.5G Network
  • Quad Core Processor 1.2GHz 
  • Dual Sim ( GSM + WCDMA )

So, here we go for full phone specification of Nokia Lumia 730 :

Lumia 730 / Image from Microsoft Official

Lumia 730 / Image from Microsoft Official

Selfie Camera : Are you selfie lover? Not satisfied with your secondary camera ? So good news for you all, Lumia 730 is a best selfie camera phone under this budget. It has 5 Continue reading

Connect/Sync old windows phone 7 to your PC/Laptop – Using Zune software

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Are you guys having Old windows phone i.e windows phone 7 ? Nokia lumia 710, Nokia Lumia 610 or any other old windows phone running on OS 7.5 or 7.8 . ? I know no one would like to buy old windows phone but in case you have exchanged your smartphone with old windows phone or having used windows phone then this post would be helpful to you.

You might be wondering how to connect these WP’s to your PC/laptop, right? you must have tried many times connecting your phone to your PC but all you found is NOTHING. Still looking for a solution so that you can synchronize your phone to your pc ? So here I am to resolve your issue – all you need is ZUNE

What Exactly ZUNE is : Zune is a software that connects your media ( Images, Audio , Video ) to your PC. Windows phone 7 can be synchronized to your PC with the help of this software. It also help you to update your phone and get applications.

Simple steps to follow :

1.   Download Zune Software on your PC. Here is a download link : Zune Software Download 

2.  Install the software you just downloaded on your PC.

3. Now it will ask you to set up Microsoft account. ( In case you are new to Windows Phone I would strongly recommend you to check my previous post, Why you need Microsoft Account – Signup  )

4. After you are done setting your account – fill the details , Your phone Name , check the box if you need update or not , your favourite artists. Continue reading