Windows Phone keyboard ‘cursor/caret’ – Word Flow | Have a look

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I am typing my message on messaging , all set ! ready to send the message. going to hit enter – Oh just wait a minute, forgot to add something in between of my text. How to do that.? Any idea? This is what I am going to tell in this post.

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We can accomplish this task using keyboard CARET or CURSOR. 

Follow these simple & short steps :

To delete some portion of your message :

  • If you want to remove a character , string or a word, just Tap on it and type your desired text or if you simply want to delete – tap the cross marked  key on your phone’s virtual keyboard and you are done.


For Typo follow the step below :

  • Let’s say you have typed “Windws” and you want to correct it by entering “O”, put your finger in  between “d” and “s” , Hold-n-press, you would get the caret, now you can type “o”. What if you placed caret/cursor between “w” and “i” ? No need to worry , drag your finger and leave the caret when it comes in between “d” and “s”  now you can type “o”, as simple as that right.?

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